Welcome to Alma Branding. A digital concept driven design studio in the heart of Barcelona.

Alma strives to create a rich media expierience in order to help brands make a connection with their customers and redesign their image for the digital savvy consumer of the 21st century. Alma Branding is a high-end digital design studio. We’re experienced collaborators with skill sets ranging from graphic and motion design to front end web design and development.



      Albert F. Pujals

      Founding Partner & Art Director

      Albert conceptualized and then created Almabranding because he wanted to bring something different to the table. He has been working for several years as art director in leading design studios in Sevilla and Barcelona. His role now is to show our clients new horizions in the world of design.


      Simone Velluti Zati

      Founding Partner & Project Manager

      Simone has landed in Barcelona after different work and life experiences around the world, from Miami to Shanghai. He has jumped on board to help create this new project and to make the company grow with his business vision. He is looking forward to make it happen.


      Emese Merész 

      Graphic Designer 

      Emese was born in Hungary from a family of artists and textile designers so we know where she got her talent for design. She moved to Barcelona where she started her career and gradually moved on. Now she is an essential part of our aesthetic value.


      Marcos Vallespín

      Developer & CTO

      Marcos started developing and programming when he was a small kid playing with lego and never stopped since then. He is extremly valuable to our company since he is the one which solves all the technological issues. He comes with a very high level backround of work experiences before joining our team.